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It's not always about the Landscape

With the Golden hours getting much earlier and later it can be difficult knowing what to photograph. It's well known around midday the sun can be just too harsh, a time many decide not to take any photos.

I am going to try and post some images of ideas to try during the day (I was going to today but in Wales the weather is appalling.)

I usually try and go out on a walk each day. I am very lucky to live very close to a couple of great, very tranquil Nature Reserves. When I was photographing Wildlife I always took my camera with me, however since moving to Landscape I started leaving my camera behind on my walks. I couldn't get out to shoot either morning Golden Hour or the evening one so I decided to take my camera with me, I'm so pleased I did:

This time of year is great for photographing small fluffy things. It bought back fond memories of my Wildlife photography.

I'll be back out scouting my next Landscape shot as soon as the weather allows but it was great to remember how much I enjoyed Wildlife photography.

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